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Aluminum Storage Box - Grande

Aluminum Storage Box - Grande

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Introducing the Rock Solid Components Aluminum Storage Box - a durable and reliable solution to keep your belongings secure and organized during your adventures. Crafted from 3mm thick high-strength aluminum, this storage box is designed to withstand the toughest conditions, making it an ideal companion for all your outdoor pursuits.

With precision engineering and attention to detail, the Rock Solid Components  Aluminum Storage Box features an aviation-grade rubber seal around the edges, ensuring a tight and waterproof seal. Rest assured that your valuables will stay dry and protected, even in the harshest weather conditions.

The matte black door handle adds a touch of sophistication to the box while providing easy access to your gear. Whether you need to store camping equipment, tools, or other essentials, the Rock Solid Components  Aluminum Storage Box offers a spacious and organized interior to keep everything in its place.

Measuring 19 5/8" wide, 14 3/4" deep, and 20" tall, this storage box provides ample space for your belongings without compromising valuable space in your van or vehicle. Its compact yet roomy design ensures that you can bring along all the necessities for your adventures without feeling cramped.

Built to last, the Rock Solid Components  Aluminum Storage Box is engineered with durability in mind. The sturdy aluminum construction and robust hardware ensure that this storage box will withstand years of use and abuse, offering unmatched reliability during your travels.

Whether you're a full-time vanlifer or a weekend warrior, the Rock Solid Components  Aluminum Storage Box is a practical and stylish addition to your setup. Keep your gear secure, organized, and readily accessible, so you can focus on what matters most - enjoying the journey.

Upgrade your storage game with the Rock Solid Components  Aluminum Storage Box - the epitome of strength, functionality, and longevity. Experience peace of mind knowing your gear is protected, and embark on your adventures with confidence today!


- The ski box does lock, and it comes with a built-in lock and two sets of keys. An additional lock can be added for enhanced security.

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