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Tec Vanlife

Sprinter Transit Van Conversion DIY L Track kit with Back Framing | Framing Your Van!

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Great strength and simplified DIY van conversion. 

Installation Guide  (click for pdf version)

Tec Vanlife L Track with back framing helps you convert your van like a pro in an easy way.

Easy installation: 


1. Place Tec Vanlife Flanged L Track at the desired location in your van.

2. Use the pre-drilled mounting holes on the L Track as reference points to dill recessed holes ( 15/32" or 1/2") for the back frame back nuts.

3. Rivet the L Track Back Framing to the interior of your van. Screw on the L Track to the L Track back framing.


DIY van conversion wall & ceiling made easy with Tec Vanlife  L Track with back framing.

With L Track with back framing as great framing foundation installed in your camper van, all you need to do is measure the distance between the root of the L tracks, cut the panels and upholster.


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