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PODS Sprinter 170 Rgular / Extended Depth

PODS Sprinter 170 Rgular / Extended Depth

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Combine travelling in a van with having a great nights sleep! Sprinters are measuring 72” window to window, most adults need a few more inches to be able to sleep comfortably. Our fibreglass Pods are a pair of window extension installed on the rear quarter panels of a Sprinter van, increasing its width. Our insulated Regular Depth Pods will make it possible to build a 82“ long bed and at the same time maximize your interior camper space.

The 170 Regular Depth Pod set will give you a 82” (208cm) long bed. Both driver and passenger’s side pods are extended depth. We offer cutout and window installation for additional cost.

There is a space of 3/4″-1″ (20-25mm) between the sliding door and the passenger’s side Pod to make sure the door will slide freely with snow or ice build up. The exterior surface must be protected from UV rays with bed liner, paint or a vinyl wrap.

The flat exterior surface makes it possible to use windows up to 46” x 20” (116x50cm). The window cutout can be done using a jigsaw and a fine toothed blade.

Our Insulation:
The 1″ (25mm) thick exterior wall features 2 layers of fibreglass, 2 sheets of aluminum foil to reflect heat (from the outside or inside depending on temperature) and one graphite EPS board with a density of 12kg/m3 for an R3 insulation rating.

What is included in the box:
• Pod Set
• 3 tubes of adhesive
• 2 tubes of primer

* Please note; PODS Sprinter 170 cannot have the AMA Slider Window 40″ x 15” installed on them,  all PODS are unable to ship the United States at this time.


INDY Protective Coating – Front & Bottom:
 The Indy Urethane Protection is a textured stone protector that is sprayed to the front and bottom of both Pods. 
Paint can still be applied on top of the Stone Protection.

INDY Protective Coating – Entire Exterior of the Pod: Indy Black Urethane Textured finish on the entire exterior surface of both Pods.
Paint can be applied on top of this textured finish.

Matte Black Paint:
 Painting of the Pods Set. It can be applied on top of Indy Stone Protection.

Colour Match Paint: Painting of the Pods Set to your vehicle’s colour code or any other custom colours. It can be applied on top of the Indy Stone Protection.

(Note: as colour changes over time, we cannot guaranty a perfect colour match)



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